Types of Tiered Seating

Tiered Seating suited to the event

Tpyes of Tiered Seating

Non Elevated and Low Rise

This type of tiered seating means all tiers are pretty much low to the ground or have no elevation at all, is ideal if your viewing audience is focused on a stage. From tier to tier it may elevate a little but not by very much. Non elevated aluminium tiered seating ideal if you are just providing a rest area with nothing to view e.g. a bus stop, where a low rise is ideal for a stage performance.


From tier to tier the elevation is more dramatic, the first tiers will be on the ground but the following tiers will elevate high enough so their view will clear the heads of the tiers in front of them. Scenarios where this can be used is for a viewing a basketball court. Elevated tiering will also require foot rests, stairs and safety rails all in accordance with the safety regulations of the area.