Aluminium Tiered Seating

Aluminium tiered seating, bleachers, grandstand seating what ever term you are use to they all provide the same purpose, which is to provide seating to a large amount of spectators in a very cost effective way.

Aluminium tiered seating, bleachers, grandstand seating all share the same characteristic that they are in essence just a aluminum bench with no arm rest or backrest that are designed for the spectator to be seated side by side with tiers or benches parallel and evenly spaced, row by row. The tiers are arranged in a slope so that spectators from behind can see above the heads in front. Different materials can be used asides from aluminium such as wood but aluminium is by far the popular choice.

Aluminium tiered seating can come in either permanent or fixed, so they can be used for one off or not so common events such as a concert or graduation ceremony.. They can also be customized with different powder coatings for colour, often manufactured in 2-5 tiers depending on the factories capability they can then be connected to cater for the amount of people at the event.